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Along the journey of life we encounter people that help us and people that hurt us. This page is dedicated to the people and companies that have greatly helped us along the way.

  • Gibson and Fender Guitars for the wonderful designs that have stood the test of time
  • Zinsser for great "off the shelf" shellac products
  • Marshall and Fender for the best-in-breed tube amplifiers
  • MXR and Boss (Roland) stomp boxes providing decades of pleasure and entertainment
  • Lexicon for the best digital rack effects on the market. Also for their quick response customer service group.
  • dbx for the best rack compressor/noise gates on the market (IMHO)
  • Mackie for great sound mixers which oddly enough does not say "Mackie" anywhere on the mixer??? Hint, hint, folks
  • Peavey for all their great products. I am using the PV6 USB mixer for small studio use. I would like to see a slightly better signal to noise ratio but you can't beat the bang for the buck. Also for their quick response customer service group regarding speakers and enclosures.
  • MakeMusic Finale for their fabulous music composition software. It has a few quirks here and there that we would recommend changing but overall, it is wonderful.
  • TASCAM for their great hand held recording devices
  • D'Addario strings for great USA made guitar strings
  • Kensington for great computer keyboards (laptop keyboards in a desktop form factor) - I just wish they kept making the White Slim Type Keyboard (Mac) K64366.
  • Logitech for a great mouse - the Logitech Marble, 4-btn Trackball (M/N T-BC21) - I only wish it also had a scroll wheel
  • Adobe software (Photoshop) and their Macromedia line of products (DreamWeaver, Fireworks)
  • Host Gator for their PCI-compliant shared web hosting
  • REAPER for their professional quality digital audio workstation software - with personal and small biz pricing to boot
  • Stewart MacDonald for great luthier parts and ideas for our OM shopping cart interface
  • Great button tricks from http://css-tricks.com/examples/ButtonMaker/#
  • w3 schools for all their fabulous insights into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Stack Overflow for fabulous online content and web developer information boards
  • http://flash-mp3-player.net for the mini mp3 player
  • http://www.classicshell.net which brings Microsoft back to reality. The new Window 8 interface is a piece of crap and navigating the user interface is impossible. Therefore, I installed classic shell and all is right with the world.
  • All the social media giants - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, SoundCloud, Google+
  • http://www.iconarchive.com/ for their fabulous icons.
  • D. Dean for our discussion about tracks 9 & 10 on the Master Overdrive album.
  • http://www.beavisaudio.com/projects/
  • http://www.diystompboxes.com/cnews/mods.html
  • http://www.regiscoyne.com/tech/ for his tube bias and technical project advice
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7p3adTAm40c Marshall DSL footswitch LEDs

Names and brands used in the above list are Trademarks of those respective companies.

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